Principles of Pedagogy

  • Receiving comprehensible input, or messages that we understand.
  • The input being comprehensible, also needs to be enjoyable, humorous and witty.
  • Speaking and writing, producing the language, with low student anxiety points.

The lessons follow your needs

  • No previous experience in modern greek is needed.
  • Independent, autonomous courses designed on your interests are available.
  • Formal and informal learning, used in balance- and low stress on grammar.

Several methods of learning

  • Available focus on biblical texts and byzantine greek.
  • Learning through singing!
  • Group lectures on the history of the greek language.
  • Modern greek pronunciation tips.
  • Final goal is to make you fluent and help you express yourself in modern greek.

«γηράσκειν αἰεὶ πολλὰ διδασκόμενος» Σόλων